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Henk and Louise have been collecting primitive art for their entire lives. Especially the 24 years that they have been together. Their many journeys were mainly focussed on the origin of the tattoo...



Loot by Schiffmacher

Loot by Schiffmacher is a jewelry brand with items designed by Henk and Louise Schiffmacher. Louise and Henk Schiffmacher are artists and  tattoo artists. Henk Schiffmacher is probably one of the most famous tattoo artists worldwide. Henk and Louise have been collecting primitive art their entire lifes. Their many journeys were mainly focussed on the origin of the tattoo. From the Maori's to the Dayak in Borneo to the Berbers in North Africa. And everything in between. They became experts in symbolism. With all their knowledge about the origin of symbolism Henk and Louise started to design the Loot by Schiffmacher collection. Together they went to Bali where they designed the first pieces of jewelry for the LOOT collection. You can check out the journey in our lookbook. Read the Loot by Schiffmacher story here.


Loot by Schiffmacher collection

The Loot by Schiffmacher collection are handmade items with artistic or symbolic prints and unique designs. All pieces of Loot by Schiffmacher jewelry are authentic,  handcrafted and made of 925 sterling silver. The Loot collection contains beautiful bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and charms. All items are authentic and real statement pieces.

We have unique Loot cuff bracelets and chain bracelets. The Loot earring collection consists of earstuds with an artist print or other beautiful earrings. The Loot necklaces are all real statement pieces and one of a kind. All Loot items will be available on this official webshop. Shop your own Loot item online! Don’t want to miss out on anything? Subscribe to our newsletter and get all the Loot updates.  


Loot jewelry

Do you have a question about our products? Our customer service is available for you! You can contact us here. Order your Loot products easily online in our webshop. Order before 4 p.m. and we will send it the same day! We have worldwide shipment. You can also check out our product in stores. Want to see where the Loot collection is available? Check the stores. All Loot by Schiffmacher products are handmade and 925 sterling silver. Each product will come in a Loot giftbox and an official Loot by Schiffmacher certificate.


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