Loot by Schiffmacher earrings

The Loot by Schiffmacher earrings: silver earrings designed by Louise and Henk Schiffmacher. This earring collection is full of real statement pieces. This collection consists of different Loot earrings with different prints and styles. We have amazing earstuds. All these earstuds have artistic prints designed by Henk and Louise. We have four different prints. We also have beautiful unalome earrings and skull earrings. These earrings are real statement pieces. Every Loot earring is handmade in Bali. The earrings are made of 925 sterling silver. Beautiful handcrafted silver jewelry available for you. These earrings are made for everyone: all the Loot items are unisex.


Earrings online by Loot by Schiffmacher

On this official Loot by Schiffmacher webshop we have the entire Loot by Schiffmacher earring collection available! Be quick: the items can the sold out quickly because of the high demand! All the Loot by Schiffmacher items are handcrafted silver jewelry, made in Bali. All the Loot items are unique and great examples of how beautiful tattoo art jewelry is. Our earstuds have unique tattoo prints on it. Shop your favorite Loot jewelry here online.  These Loot by Schiffmacher earrings are made for everyone. All the items are unisex. Shop your unique tattoo art jewelry now online!

Loot earrings

We have two different styles of earrings: the skull and the unalome. The skull represents the iconic skull of Loot by Schiffmacher. An unique skull. These earrings are available in two different sizes: the small ones and the large ones. The large one are real statement pieces. We also have the unalome earrings. These unalome earrings represent a Buddhistic symbol: the unalome. It stands for the path that each person takes during his or her life. Louise and Henk took this symbol and gave it their personal and artistic twist.


Loot earstuds

The Loot earstuds have amazing tattoo art prints. These prints are designed by Henk and Louise. These Loot earstuds are easy to match with other Loot jewelry. All the Loot jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver. Order your Loot earrings in our webshop! Don’t wait too long and order your Loot earrings. All orders before 4 p.m. will be shipped the same day. We have worldwide shipment. Want to order an item, but have questions about it? Contact us. Our customer service is available for you!


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