Loot by Schiffmacher necklaces

The Loot by Schiffmacher necklaces: unique silver jewelry designed by Louise and Henk Schiffmacher. This necklace collection is full of real statement pieces. These necklaces are a great example of tattoo art jewelry. Each piece has its own (tattoo) art on it designed by Henk and Louise Schiffmacher. Each Loot necklace is unique, authentic and a real statement piece. We have different necklaces: in different sizes, different design and different prints. Each design is a masterpiece on its own. It’s not necessary to mix or match these necklaces: they are real eye catchers. If you do want to mix them with other necklaces: you can match when with the Loot necklaces for your favorite charms. Everyone can create his or hers own Loot look.


Necklaces online by Loot by Schiffmacher

On this official Loot by Schiffmacher webshop we have the entire Loot by Schiffmacher necklace collection available! Be quick: the items can the sold out quickly because of the high demand! These Loot by Schiffmacher necklace are made for everyone. All the items are unisex. All the Loot by Schiffmacher items are handcrafted silver jewelry, made in Bali. All the Loot items are unique and great example of how beautiful tattoo art jewelry is.

Loot necklaces for by your charms

The Loot by Schiffmacher collection has necklaces, but also beautiful charms. These charms come without a necklace. So if you want to create a full Loot look, you can order your Loot necklace online. We have different styles of necklaces designed for the charms. We have two silver necklaces: each has its own style. And we have a leather necklace. Each necklace is available in different lengths.


Order your silver jewelry online

Did you see your favorite Loot necklace in our webshop? Don’t wait too long and order this item. All orders before 4 p.m. will be shipped the same day. We have worldwide shipment. Each product comes packed in an official LOOT by Schiffmacher gift box. Each LOOT jewelry item comes with an official Loot by Schiffmacher certificate. Want to order an item, but have questions about it? Contact us. Our customer service is available for you!


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