The Loot bracelet LB003 is a big silver chain bracelet and is one of the first bracelets of the Loot by Schiffmacher collection. This isn’t just a normal silver big chain bracelet. The clasp on this bracelet has an unique Loot by Schiffmacher design on it. The design is made by Louise and Henk Schiffmacher and shows a mix of symbolism and (tattoo) art. It is one of the masterpieces of the Loot collection. The chain is unique as well.This big silver chain bracelet has a highly detailed silver chain. The links on the chain are slightly oxidized to make the beautiful structure more present. This chain bracelet is unisex, so everyone can wear it.


Just like all other Loot by Schiffmacher jewelry, this chain bracelet is authentic and handmade in Bali from 925 sterling silver. This silver bracelet is designed by Louise and Henk Schiffmacher. Original and official piece of the Loot by Schiffmacher collection. This bracelet is unique and makes a great statement piece.


This silver chain bracelet can be combined perfectly with other Loot by Schiffmacher jewelry. We have two other variations on this silver big chain bracelet: the LOOT Bracelet LB019 and the LOOT Bracelet LB020. They have the same chain, but different designs on the clasp. Want to create a whole other look? Shop all the Loot bracelets here.


This silver bracelet is unisex. The bracelet is available is different sizes. It has a box clasp with an unique design. The width of the chain is approx. 18 mm.  


This 925 sterling silver bracelet comes packed in an official LOOT by Schiffmacher gift box. Each LOOT by Schiffmacher jewelry item comes with an official Loot by Schiffmacher certificate. Shop your authentic pieces in the official Loot by Schiffmacher webshop.

LOOT Bracelet LB003

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Size bracelet
  • Material:

    925 Sterling silver

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